GlimpzBiz enables all employees to focus ...

All account information entered into GlimpzBiz can be differentiated by AccountType which enables you to add transporation, utility, resources, etc. to the database to make it useful and available to all employees. Visibility can be controlled by user-group or user ID. Accounts anchor transactions, contacts and activities.

When all contacts are input and maintained in one location, GlimpzBiz makes creating action lists easy. Having contacts in a secure, central location enhances the demographic usability and subsequent value of this soft asset.

Input to provide a record of your interactions with contact or account. This allows for consistent scheduling and measurement capability and offers further opportunities to measure impact of activity.

GlimpzBiz uses your daily transactions to give you consolidated reporting as tables and graphs within the tool or reports exported as CSV. Along with sales history you can see your customer's account, contact demographics and activity history on ONE page.